Lyons Ranch Philosophy

Your Source for Superior Angus Genetics

We have been raising Angus cattle at Lyons Ranch for decades. We feel very fortunate to enjoy this way of life. One goal has been overarching: to provide you superior Angus genetics that will eventually help ensure consumers a safe, nutritious, great-tasting supply of beef. Ultimately, you should be rewarded with both a premium and the satisfaction of providing an excellent end product.


We recognize that you need functional cattle that fit your environment -- females that calve easily, breed back quickly, feed efficiently, and wean off a calf that will command a premium at weaning and harvesting. The Angus bulls you purchase need to be sound breeders that carry the phenotypic and genetic traits that are important to your program.


We are proud of the Lyons Ranch cattle that carry our brand. We stand behind our seedstock, and feel confident that they will meet or exceed your expectations.

Lyons Ranch LLC Manhattan, KS