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Lyons Ranch Annual Angus Bull Sale

We would like to invite you to our 25th Annual Superior Genetics Sale!

We would like to welcome all our longtime, loyal customers and new friends to our upcoming sale on Monday, March 4, 2013. This year, we have 107 eighteen-month-old registered Angus bulls – they are sound, and have balanced genetic traits including great carcass, performance and calving ease. There are generations of planning behind each animal. Come see them – we think you will be impressed.

Each bull’s EPDs are enhanced by his own individual DNA. We sent a blood sample on every bull in the sale to Igenity and the American Angus Association. Genetic markers were identified and quantified. Each bulls’ genomically-enhanced EPDs came back with an accuracy on most traits that is as high as if he had recorded over 15 head of progeny. We are one of the few herds that has DNA tested each animal for its genetic predictability, but we want our customers to have higher predictability on their bulls so they can make sound breeding decisions for their success.

The bulls are all BVD-PI free – we have never had an animal test positive for BVD in over ten years of testing. Each bull will have passed a breeding soundness exam and have had semen checked under the microscope by the veterinarian – no deferred bulls sell. All animals will be current on vaccinations.

If you cannot make it to the sale and want to participate, the sale will be online at DV Auction. To learn more about how to join in, go to

Lyons Ranch cattle carry a sight-unseen guarantee, as well as fully-guaranteed for the first breeding season.

The catalog should be online and in the mail the middle of February. Contact Us to be put on the mailing list. Videos and updated information will be posted as they are complete.

Check out these sires:

  • B/R New Day 454
  • Sitz Dash 10277
  • SAV Final Answer 0035
  • Coleman Regis 904
  • Connealy Mentor 7374
  • Lyons Santa Fe 6119

If you aren’t on the catalog list, please fill out a form on the Contact Us page or give us a call.

We look forward to seeing you at the sale!